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The best solution for maritime transport.

By eminence this is the main means of transport in the international trade environment, when it comes to huge quantities of products to be exported. In general, its services are usually used in non-urgent replenishment markets. This is because it is commonly used over extremely long distances, and in moving large numbers of goods by sea, from one geographical point to another by ship. Maritime transport is the one that supports the greatest weight of goods, either by means of containers or in dry or liquid bulk, as well as for the transfer of people.

Maritime transport service.

The history of maritime transport and its evolution has been developing since well beyond 3500 years BC. During all these centuries this means of transport has progressed in accordance with the needs of world trade and the technical readiness to build much larger ships.

The main advantages of this transport organisation are:

  • Its high cargo capacity, able to support larger vehicles.
  • High competitiveness when it comes to freight rates, thanks to its capacity and its automotive strength.
  • Flexibility in the handling of transports with a variety of vessels for different types of cargo such as general cargo and bulk cargo, among others.

Are you looking for shipping companies?

Acirfa Shipping is the best solution for maritime transport today, offering you an unbeatable result for the transport of containers, vehicles and machinery, generated by large international companies of all kinds. Our main objective is that our clients achieve total satisfaction and confidence in the transport of goods.

Our main office is located in Barcelona, although we also have a transit agency in Madrid, Las Palmas and Almeria, supplying our integral international maritime transport services to different import and export companies all over the world.

We have an extensive track record and experience in the world of international freight transport, which is why we have always worked with the best professionals in the sector, who advise and manage a wide range of companies on the best options and solutions for transporting goods by sea.

Our maritime transport logistics will also earn your trust and offer you a very special treatment and the best market conditions in terms of price, speed and safety when contracting a sea freight transport service from Spain to the whole world or vice versa.

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