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International Transport of Goods.

The action of moving goods from one geographical point to another, is what is known as international trade, therefore the international transport of goods incorporates the whole series of means of land, sea and air transport, which are operated from and to any part of the world. When we talk about international freight transport, we must take into account the organisation of the system, the infrastructure and the different means of transport.

International container transport service.

When choosing an international freight forwarder, it is extremely important that you examine the costs of the services and the advantages and disadvantages of the move. Before choosing the right means of transport, you should take into account:

  • Type of goods.
  • Packing and packaging process.
  • Necessary permits for handling the goods.

Containers are units that protect the goods from the weather, they are frequently used by international transport companies thanks to their capacity to transport bulky or very heavy objects such as cars, machinery, engines, among other types of goods. Containers generally measure between 2 and 5 metres, and are made to facilitate their total handling.

Among the different types of container transports, maritime transports are the ones that allow to move the greatest amount of weight and volumes of consistent or liquid goods. The essential properties of maritime traffic are based on the following:

  • The international character, since it is practically the only economic means of transporting large volumes of goods from one geographical point to another.
  • The capacity, since for many years now the tonnage of ships has exceeded one million deadweight tonnes in the case of large tankers.
  • Flexibility, which includes the likelihood of working with slightly smaller vessels.
  • And the versatility between different types of vessels to suit all types of international shipping cargoes.

There are different types of vessels, including general cargo vessels, which are ideal for loose unconsolidated cargoes, and for unitized cargoes, tankers, made for liquid bulk cargoes, and bulk carriers, for solid bulk cargoes. There are also ro-ro vessels, created for rolling cargoes such as cars, trucks, tractors, etc.

International maritime transport contracts can be made under these three modalities:

  • Voyage chartering.
  • Time chartering.
  • Bareboat chartering.

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