International maritime transport

In ACIRFA SHIPPING we are an ideal solution for the maritime transport of containers, vehicles and heavy machinery, with the commitment of an optimal management of your exports and imports around the world. We have great partnerships with the most relevant shipping companies to make it easier, more comfortable and faster the maritime transport of our customers.



FCL: full container load. Transportation in containers

LCL: maritime groupage

RO-RO: roll-on/roll-off, shipment of roll-on/roll-off goods through a diverse fleet of vehicles, trucks and machinery to Latin America, Africa and Asia

Ship Chartering: maritime transport service with different types of goods in dry cargo, liquid and bulk cargo, coal, sugar, minerals, salt, cement, machinery and heavy cargo

Goods Consolidation: under this service we collect cargo from our customers, consolidate it on a pallet or container and deliver it to a shipping line or airline for international transportation.

Customs Services: We handle the customs clearance of your goods. Our international network of agents will take care of the logistics. We manage all the customs documents so that our clients can have full satisfaction in their exports and imports.

Consulting and Logistics: we support companies in planning and coordinating the transportation of their products from the place of origin to the final destination.

Special Services: We are committed to large-scale shipments in which we take care of everything related to the export and transport of goods for large projects and public works.

Charter Service: we use this medium or charter service to transport large loads regardless of the type of cargo, freight or distance.

Lashing: We study your routes and propose the most suitable packaging for sea and air transport of each type of goods. We can also provide the necessary material and personnel for an optimal packaging and a firm lashing of your goods.

Dangerous Goods



  • Container Type: 20′ – 40′
  • Type of merchandise
  • Origin port
  • Loading location
  • Charging time
  • Floor loading or platform loading
  • Destination Port / Unloading location
  • Contact details of the shipper or consignor of the merchandise
  • Consignee’s or receiver’s contact details
  • Total number of packages