Customs services

Our Customs Agent (OEA) offers our clients all the means and the best team of professionals to guarantee a comprehensive, high-quality, agile, responsible service that will cover all aspects related to their export and import operations satisfactorily.

We handle the customs clearance of your goods and manage all import and export customs documents. Our network of international agents will take care of the logistics so that our customers can have full satisfaction in their exports and imports.

In Acirfa the documentation we use are the invoice, packing list and the clearance authorization. In order to import and/or export you must comply with a series of requirements for Customs.

Commercial invoice: document containing the information of an export, detailing the concept, quantity and amount of the products, it must also include identification of the exporter and importer, description of the merchandise, invoice number, number of packages, value of the merchandise, means of transport, payment terms and delivery terms.

Packing list: document issued by the seller that conforms to the commercial invoice and must detail the information about the merchandise transported.

Clearance authorization: document by means of which an importer or exporter authorizes a Customs Representative to file one or more Customs declarations on his behalf.


Transport documentation:

Bill of Lading (B/L). Document that constitutes proof of a maritime contract to carry goods. It is delivered by the shipping company.

Air Waybill (AWB). Document that constitutes proof of a contract to carry goods by air. It is emitted by the air transport airline.

Road waybill (CMR). Document that constitutes proof of the contract of transport by road. It is delivered by the land transport company.