Acirfa Shipping International at the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL) 2024

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This week, Acirfa Shipping International had the honor of attending the prestigious International Logistics Exhibition (SIL) at the Fira de Barcelona, Montjuic. This event, which has established itself as a global benchmark in the logistics sector, brought together professionals and companies from around the world to share knowledge, innovations, and establish new partnerships.

SIL 2024 was an essential meeting point to learn about the latest trends and technologies in logistics and transportation. During the event, our representatives had the opportunity to attend various conferences, workshops, and roundtables where crucial topics such as sustainability in transportation, supply chain digitalization, and new European emission regulations were discussed.

Acirfa Shipping International actively participated in several of these activities, highlighting our commitment to innovation and sustainable development. We take pride in being part of an ever-evolving industry and having the opportunity to collaborate with other sector leaders to drive continuous improvements.

The experience at SIL 2024 has been enriching, allowing us to strengthen our business relationships and explore new business opportunities. We are looking forward to returning next year to continue learning and contributing to the growth of the logistics sector.

See you at SIL 2025!


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