Our services

Container cargo

We are a forwarding agency specialised in coordinating the transport of all types of goods and Ro-Ro cargo.

Roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) cargo

As a maritime forwarding agency we have extensive experience in shipping Ro-Ro cargo through a diverse fleet of vehicles, trucks and machinery to Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Fcl-lcl containers

Our international network of agents will take care of all the logistics of transporting goods and FCL-LCL Cargo from anywhere with flexibility and security in such transport.

Vessel chartering

We offer Ocean Chartering Services for vessels, Ro-Ro (Ro-Ro) and other dry and liquid cargoes and bulk cargoes, coal, sugar, minerals, salt, cement and heavy lift cargoes.

Special services

In our Forwarding Agency we are committed to large-scale shipments in which we take care of everything related to the export and transport of goods for large projects and public works.

Door to door service

At Acirfa Shipping we are specialists in door to door, door to airport, airport to airport and airport to door deliveries, methods that involve a combination of air and land transport.

Consolidation service

At Acirfa Shipping, under this service we collect cargo from our customers, consolidate it on a pallet or container and deliver it to an airline for international transport.

Charter service

At Acirfa Shipping, as a freight forwarding agency we use this means or charter service to transport large loads regardless of the type of cargo, freight or distance.