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    we have agreements with ship liners owners companies in the sector in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe.
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    ACIRFA-Shipping International. S.L

    Maritime Transport to Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe.


    Ayudamos a las empresas a gestionar eficazmente el transporte internacional marítimo tanto de exportación como de importación.
Flete de Buques para el Transporte de Mercancías


ACIRFA SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL, SL is your solution for maritime transport of containers, vehicles and machinery international. With headquarters in Barcelona and offices in Madrid, Las Palmas and Almeria, ACIRFA SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL, SL provides international transport solutions to import and export companies from all over the world.

As a freight forwarding agency on import and export agent, ACIRFA SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL, SL is an international shipping company in Barcelona that has a long experience in the world of international shipping. For this reason, ACIRFA SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL, SL has the best professionals to manage and advise any company on the best options for transporting goods by sea.

At ACIRFA SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL SL, our main objective is that our customers get the best market conditions in terms of price, speed and security in contracting shipping services from Spain and worldwide. To achieve this, we have agreements with all shipping companies operating in Spain in order to make it easier and faster to transport containers, vehicles and all kinds of machines for our customers.

Therefore we are consider your best choice to manage your exports and imports.

  • Provide customer services with environmental responsibility
  • Provide an attractive working environment for employees
  • Be an active partner of the Community
  • Maintaining high ethical standards
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Reach your destination 100% sure.
Empresa de transporte de mercancías por vía terrestre, marítima y aérea nacional e internacional

Packing and Tacking

At ACIRFA SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL, SL we study your routes and we propose the most appropriate packaging for the shipment of each type of merchandise. In addition, we can provide the material and personnel necessary for optimal packaging and a firm lashing of your goods.

Logistics Consulting

ACIRFA SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL, SL will assist and advise you on any queries related to international logistics, either by telephone or by email, in order to provide the best service to your potential customers.

Airline Groupage Shipments

The groupage service you can move shipments of different types by air, both imports and exports.

Customs Services

Our customs agent (OAS) offers our clients all the means and the best team of professionals to guarantee a comprehensive, high quality, agile, responsible service that will cover all aspects related to a satisfactory export and import operation.